Chadima Furniture and Restoration is a complete-service woodworking firm. We are specialists in refinishing and restoration of all kinds of wood furniture and fixtures, as well as custom built furniture and cabinets and custom kitchen re-facing for both domestic and commercial clients. Chadima Furniture and Restoration has been situated in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA since 1982.

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  City Cedar Rapids, IA
  Zip Code 52403
  Address 1942 Higley Avenue Southeast
  Phone Number (319) 364-0044

From Our Website

Originally called The CFR Company, we started in 1982. After hearing "What does CFR mean?" time after time, we changed our name to Chadima Furniture and Restoration, answering the question once and for all. Our intent was to be solely a restoration and refinishing company. Since our inception, we have diversified many times, and are now a full-service woodworking company offering many woodworking services. Back in 1983, when we received our first grand piano to refinish, it was time to move to bigger facilities more conducive to restoring larger pieces.

We offer two services for this. Refinishing requires stripping, sanding, patching, filling, etc, then coloring and finishing. The second process we use is not a "refinishing" process. It's a "restoring" process that requires a little more work than the standard processes of today. It is the ONLY method approved for "true" restoration by high quality antique dealers across the country. Either service give top notch results, depending on your requirement's. We offer two types of finish removal. Both method's are completely save for all types of furniture (even veneer!).

Chadima Furniture was one of the very first companies to offer kitchen re-facing in our area. We have been performing this service since 1995, so you know we have plenty of experience at it. Kitchen re-facing is definitely an art form. Every kitchen we have done has been unique. With each home we enter, we measure and re-face the side panels, front facing, doors, drawers, and change all hardware including hinges and handles. We also add cabinets when requested, change existing ones, and put in fancy touches like crown molding on cabinet tops, glass doors, etc.

Repairing requires extensive tooling for what might be considered the smallest of repairs. Our shop is highly qualified for nearly all wood repairs. We are constantly upgrading and adding to our tools to insure that we have the proper means to complete all repairs correctly, and for a long duration. When we repair, we clean all joints before re-assembly, removing all old glue and/or wood/parts from previous attempts that may have failed. It is imperative that all wood be able to touch fresh wood for glue to adhere correctly.

At Chadima Furniture & Restoration, all our custom built projects are made from only the very best hand-picked pieces of lumber to insure that ONLY the best possible lumber is used. We change sources only when we need to so that we can purchase top grade plywood and solid wood. We shop all our suppliers for the best price as well as the best looking wood. We can only offer top grade lumber pricing, as that is all we buy. We use a wide variety of pneumatic tooling, top of the line epoxy and hide glues and the best fillers available.