I can assist you make decisions that are right for you.

> Principal of D. P. Design since April, 1984, offering:

^ Compassionate, respectful consultation regarding your concerns, your budget, and your lifestyle

^ Commitment to offer the most creative, reasonable solutions for your every building/remodeling chalCommitmentCommittment to details that will make your project successful and give you joy for many years

> Lecturer and Seminar Leader since June, 1990 to provide honest, reliable, entertaining information for homeowners

^ Most building and remodeling "horror stories" are avoidable

^ Although there are hundreds of TV programs about building, remodeling, and decorating, very few address the core issues which create major problems for homeowners and contractors

^ Homeowners need to have good information before embarking on a big, expensive building or remodeling project

> Instructor, Hiroko Machida Interior Coordinator School (San Francisco and Tokyo), 1988-1991

> Author, "THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling" (2003 NABE Award for Best How-To Book)

^ A natural extension of the lectures and seminars, based upon class outlines and feedback from contractors

^ Three years part-time and two years full-time, researching data, financial and product information, and technical data to offer an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow guide for all homeowners — to increase the possibility of a better remodeling experience

> Radio Host ("Today's Home™" on Lifestyle WebRadio)

^ A natural extension of lectures, seminars, and my book, to provide up-to-date weekly information for homeowners, i.e., "Advocacy and Inspired Ideas For Your Home and Lifestyle"

A detailed breakdown of help I offer to you is on the "All Services" page.


I've been blessed with talent, and love to share it. This is my support to humanity. I love all animals, and have been a cat guardian for most of my adult life. Here is a partial list of many hobbies:

> Architecture

> Art (painting, etc.)

> Crafts (jewelry making, scrapbooking, sewing, etc.)

> Frank Lloyd Wright and THE GORDON HOUSE

> Gardening and flower arranging

> Music

> Photography

> Writing

Overcome your building and remodeling embarrassment! Call me today, to request your FREE 45-minute phone consultation, to talk about your project (hints, how-to's, tips — no sales pitch!)

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Professional Associations & Certifications

  • National Kitchen and Bath Association
  • National Council for Interior Design Qualification
  • National Association of Home Builders

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  City Oregon City, OR
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Customer Testimonials

When we decided to build a new home, we engaged D. P. Design to help us design it, and help with all of the details. The builder loved having Diane help since they both speak the same language, and she understands construction principles. The project foreman told me that this was the easiest job he had ever done thanks to the detailed plans and specifications. We resolved many difficult problems when the first contractor went out of business, and we got an immediate referral to a new (and much better) contractor. Now I know why she calls herself an advocate. It was good to have D. P. Design on our side.

My husband and I first discovered D. P. Design at a home remodeling show. After our first meeting, I reviewed Diane's work and I hired her to help us redesign three bathrooms. Six months later, I had the most beautiful and functional bathrooms imaginable, with minimal disruption in our life. Two of the bathrooms won remodeling awards. l referred D. P. Design to three of my colleagues for their projects. For me and my colleagues, very complex problems were solved to our amazement and complete satisfaction. The results were absolutely stunning and extremely functional.

From Our Website

Dysfunction and/or outdated appearance go away completely when you remodel an existing bathroom, or create a new bathroom. Having difficulty imagining the possibilities? We'll help you, with inspiring virtual-reality pictures, like the one we created above. We'll paint word pictures of how your bathroom will look, feel and function. We'll help you select your remodeling team and all the products you need to make your bathroom a wonderful reality! It's time to finally update your old kitchen. Are you confused by all the different appliances, cabinets and countertops that are available, frustrated by all the pictures you've seen online?

The following "Today's Home" podcasts are a combination of new recordings and previous internet radio broadcasts, most recent at the top. We were fortunate to get a license from Mannheim Steamroller to use their "Wolfgang Amadeus Penguin" as the theme song; Harvey Collier, who co-hosted a talk show radio program on KPDQ-FM with Diane for several years, graciously offered to be the "Today's Home" announcer.

Remodeling your kitchen will provide an enormous boost to your attitude, and it will add value to your home. You have unique requirements, a distinctive lifestyle, and a specific budget. Diane Plesset will help you every step of the way with kitchen design inspiration, whether your kitchen is large or compact, traditional, transitional, or contemporary. She will communicate what you want in detailed plans, until your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

Return on your kitchen investment may be a high priority, but your personal enjoyment is just as important. It's the "X Factor" that will make a difference in your life now. You have unique needs, and you want an experienced kitchen design professional who understands. Diane Plesset has a 35-year track record of successful kitchen renovations - all sizes, shapes, styles, and budgets. She can define your goals in a way that all contractors will understand, so you can enjoy your kitchen for years and get the highest return on your investment.

You want and need an updated bathroom. Your existing bathroom looks old and lacks good function. It may be a safety hazard. Whether it's traditional, transitional, or contemporary, you want something fresh and new, small or large. Updated bathrooms can be daunting, but with Diane Plesset on your side, the process from dreams to reality is as painless as possible. D. P. Design's goal is to transform a problem bathroom into a functional, safe, and beautiful area that makes you, your family and guests happy - from "Yuck" to "Wow!"